PC Links Technology (ICT Innovation), Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

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PC Links Technology (ICT Innovation)

Do you want an ICT equiptments installed? Do you need expert IT support service?

Are you interested in reducing costs by using Solar and Inverter Systems?

And do you want it all quicker than you can say 'Help! My server's crashed'?

PC Links Technology now aims to provide the very best in service in Computer Hardware and Software Repairs and Maintenance, computer supplies, Consultancy, Computer Networking, Management Software, Installation and Maintenance of Security Surveillance such as CCTV, car Tracker, Spy / Cryptic (Hidden) Camera, Energy Backup System that is Solar and Inverter, Intercom and a number of other services.

Money mouthThen you've come to the right place.Smile

There are simple security system devices, and there are those that are more complex. No matter what kind you choose, protecting your home should be a top priority.

It offers me the protection I need, but it also allows me to be in control of my home even while I’m away. It’s good to know our family is protected. The peace of mind is incredible. 

I like that this system is much more than just security!

Current Training Programme!


 in partnership with;

  • Innovation Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  • Max electric, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ucon Electrical & Machanical Eng. and Oil Service Co. Nig. 


ICT Training

ICT Innovation Training:

  • Computer Repairs & Maintenance
  • Security Systems Installation & Maintenance
  • Backup Energy Systems Installation & Maintenace